Green Visor Capital

Management Company, LLC

Software Engineer, Full-Stack at Wefunder
San Francisco, CA, US

We’re looking for an engineer who can help us wrangle complex systems and delight users along the way. As our third engineering hire, you'll work directly with the CTO and CEO on a variety of projects. You'll have a tremendous amount of influence, ability to make a huge impact, and be expected to work on a little of everything. There's no red tape. It's a small team, and we move fast.

What we're looking for


  • The ambition to go the extra mile to deliver an outstanding user experience. We all do UX at Wefunder. We value UI simplification over code complexity. Attention to detail matters.
  • Tolerance for the pain of ugly/hacky implementations and the wisdom to know when, where, and how to make things better. We’re a startup, things have to get done.
  • Experience working on large, complex systems. Good code design in the right places is one of the best levers you have as an engineer.
  • Ability to deal with the chaos and ambiguity of a startup. Things change and sometimes you need to develop expertise as you go.


Some example projects

We're a full stack startup. Because of our need to control the user experience and keep our unit costs low, we're very vertically integrated. Some examples of projects you could be working on:


  • Fun banking software. We’ve built our own money management tools to handle $55m investments from 60k transactions. Securities regulations add extra fun.
  • Our own version of Mattermark. We'll have thousands of companies fundraising on Wefunder, and we'll need algorithms to identify and curate the best ones.
  • Tools for founders, e.g. built-in analytics. Our business grows whenever we make fundraising easier for founders.

Technical Requirements


  • Expert in Ruby on Rails or similar toolset (like django or Node). We’re a Rails shop, but deep expertise in a web development framework speaks louder than rough familiarity with our preferred toolset.
  • Expert in Javascript/CSS and experience with a framework like Angular.JS or React. We’re a Angular.JS shop.
  • Understanding of accessibility, SEO, responsive design, and website performance.


Brownie Points


  • Experience with payments, security, or "compliance"-type problems.
  • Scaled systems with 100k/1m/10m/100m/1b transactions.
  • You enjoy customer support and working with investors and founders.




  • Market-rate salaries and stock options.
  • Unlimited vacation days (mandatory 3 weeks off).
  • Medical, dental, & vision insurance.
  • 401K.
  • All-expense paid Wefunder vacation. We’ve taken two train trips across the country.
  • Apple equipment. Whatever you want.
  • Lots of free food and drinks.
  • Reimbursement for classes and conferences.




Email with why you'd like to work for us. Brownie points: include a survival skill you'd offer the team in a post-apocalyptic world.



About Wefunder

On May 16, 2016, it became legal for regular people to invest as little as $100 in startups and small businesses. Since then, we have become the largest equity crowdfunding platform. We've helped 170+ startups and small businesses – including flying cars, space rockets, breweries, Hollywood studios, and potential Ebola cures – raise $55 million.

We're a Public Benefit Corporation with a mission to revitalize capitalism and keep the American dream alive. GDP growth is slowing. Wealth inequality is increasing. Entrepreneurship is dying across America; falling from 10.6% to 3.6% among those under 30 since 1989. We're reversing these trends by funding more deserving businesses across all of America, not solely tech startups in Silicon Valley. 

Want to help? Join us! We're a team of founder types: enjoy autonomy, responsibility, the opportunity to learn, and no red tape. Just make it happen.