Paid Internships at Wefunder
San Francisco, CA, US
Wefunder is like Robinhood for pre-IPO startups. We're the largest funding platform that helps normal people make investments in startups they love. Over the past few years, we've helped fund over 900 startups with $450M+ including flying cars, space rockets, breweries, Hollywood studios, and cancer cures. Every company we've funded is full of amazing stories.
We're larger than all of our competitors combined, are growing like crazy, and need to add reinforcements to our army! Some of the work isn't too fun: it's not all rainbows and bunnies. But we'll make sure we mix in enough creative and/or intellectually engaging work to keep you on your toes.

Something You Could Be Doing

      • Scouting out cool businesses we can help fund
      • Planning events where investors fund companies
      • Producing video with Final Cut Pro
      • Inviting cool founders and investors to our weekly dinners
      • Helping our customers
      • Telling the story of business owners
      • Handling the Twitter account
      • Targeting Facebook ads
      • Testing the web site for bugs
      • Helping prepare government filings
      • Booking a kick-ass mansion for our weekend retreats
As we continue to grow, so does the role - show us what your skills are and we'll make sure they're put to good use!

Here are Some Skills We Think are Important

    • Organization and attention to detail. It's important that no balls get dropped when dealing with multiple projects and stakeholders 
    • Strong people skills. You should have a talent for making people feel instantly comfortable, heard, and understood. Independent problem solver. We want someone who's able to tackle difficult problems on their own and proactively looks for new ways to improve Wefunder. In other words, you can just figure it out. 
    • Prioritize efficiently. You'll be juggling a thousand things at once. Be able to recognize which tasks are most important and get those done. 
    • Learn quickly. There are tons of details to learn; securities regulations are quite complex and things change fast around here. You must be able to absorb and retain a lot of facts quickly; we don't like answering the same question three times and it's up to you to seek out information if you need it.
    • Responsible & accountable. If you say you will do it, you do it. Bonus points if you have design and/ or writing chops. 


    • We'll start out at $25/hr. We're also happy to teach and mentor. Give us your best, and we'll give you our best.


    • Apply below or email Johannes [] with why you'd like to work for us. Brownie points: include a survival skill you'd offer the team in a post-apocalyptic world.