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Content Lead at Simpl
Bangalore, IN / Karnataka, IN

Simpl (Fintech of the year - 2020) is a platform that empowers retailers to grow by building long term trusted relationships with their customers, one transaction at a time. For consumers, Simpl provides frictionless access to e-commerce, trust, safety and effortless budgeting, in 1-click. 


Under the hood, we are building the payments infrastructure (identity, trust score and security) ground up for a world that is mobile first, where consumers frequently buy on the go & love convenience. 


Everyone at Simpl is an internal entrepreneur who is given a lot of bandwidth and resources to create the next breakthrough towards a new world of Networked Commerce where commerce is easy, safe, affordable without fine prints & just Simpl! 


Simpl was founded in 2015 by Nityanand Sharma and Chaitra Chidanand, and went live in 2016. 

Content Lead  
As  content  lead/manager,  you  will  drive  the  end-to-end content strategy for one of India’s 
foremost fintech companies.  

If you are someone:  

Who  can  conceptualize end-to-end  delivery  of  content  (content approach/content  ideation and 
planning/delivery/quality check)?  

Who constantly and continuously improves editorial systems and processes that help speed up 
content delivery while maintaining high-quality standard?  

Who can envision the final content asset and guide design teams?  

Who  loves  conceptualizing  content  strategy  and  can  give  your  co-conspirators  (social  media 
team/marketing/product) a vision and direction of what content can do for them?  

●  ..are  an  Extreme  collaborator  since  this  is  a  remote  role  and  your  ability  to  build 
relationships  in  the  shortest possible  time  will  help  you  hit  the  ground  running  along  with 
high accountability and integrity  

●   ...are a people person, astute and empathetic! 
Then you are the one we are looking for, and you will be an integral part of our company as 
we look to structure our content marketing strategies and make content work for us.  

●  Define and drive content strategy and own all platforms of dissemination  
●  You will be responsible for executing editorial strategy according to target audience and  
help brands achieve their goals  
●  Work closely with social media strategy and creative teams to define content roadmap  
and publishing schedule  
●  You will lead the content planning, development, and implementation for the content  
platforms that you work with and own (Blog/website/and on a case-to-case basis,  
emails/internal and external communication – both short and long form).  
●  Study all brand and product-related literature company owns to be the go-to resource  
for all things content related  
●  Ensure all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of quality, style, and optimized for  
search and user experience. 
Additional Responsibilities  

●   Audit  and  assess  internal editorial  processes  to  streamline  content  delivery  and  make  it 
more efficient. 
●  Be the final port of call or escalation point for all content delivery for any project you lead  
●  Work cross functionally to find out new opportunities to upsell content and martech  
●  Be the strategist who can bring a different take to content and go out on a limb in proving 
you’re right!  
●  Edit copies from external writing partners, provide feedback, and constantly groom their 
writing skills to adhere to internal editorial guidelines  
●  Monitor  and  guide  junior  team  members,  both  in  writing  and  editing  .Write  research-
driven long-form content that is insightful and targeted at C-suite  
●  Ideate and create content plans and ensure all deliveries are within committed timelines. 

●  6-8  years  of  experience  in  B2B  content  marketing,  preferably  an  expert  in  at  least  2 
industry domains  
●  Be supremely comfortable with fintech or at least have extreme comfort in understanding 
concepts and writing lucidly (SKIP the jargon entirely)  
●  Be a great storyteller whose writing is lucid, seamless flow of the narrative, with no jumpy 
constructs, and obtuse sentences  
●  Exemplary English writing and speaking skills; a stickler for all grammar conventions and 
●  Data-driven who can conduct extensive research (Beyond the perfunctory Google search) 
to make copy shine with insights backed by data  
●  Be able to write thought leadership content (white paper, eBooks, blog posts, opinion-led 
articles,  marketing  content  (case  study,  off-page  SEO  content,  flyer/brochure,  web  copy, 
landing pages, infographic, emailers, etc.)