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Team Lead - Collections at Simpl
Bangalore, IN / Karnataka, IN

About Simpl


Simpl (Fintech of the year - 2020) is a platform that empowers retailers to grow, building long term trusted relationships with their customers, one transaction at a time. For consumers, Simpl offers frictionless access to e-commerce, trust, safety, and effortless budgeting, in 1-click. Under the hood, we are building the payments infrastructure (identity, trust score and security)     ground up for a world that is mobile first, where consumers frequently buy on the go & love convenience. Everyone at Simpl is an internal entrepreneur who is given a lot of bandwidth and resources to create the next breakthrough, towards a new world of Networked Commerce where commerce is easy, safe, affordable without fine prints - just Simpl! 


Simpl was founded in 2015 by Nityanand Sharma and Chaitra Chidanand and went live in 2016. 


About the role :


Responsibilities :


1) Be up to date with the delegated targets and set clear goals with deadlines for the team. 

2) Meet the weekly collections target.
3) Oversee day-to-day operations and manage team performance:
  - Attendance 

  - Roster
  - Daily standups
  - Agents performance etc

 4) Team's performance improvement:                

 - Identifying and highlighting training gaps and providing mentorship wherever required. 

 - Conflict and issue resolution.
 - Suggest the agent better methodologies to get to the target. 

 - This is a collections critical role. Leadership is a key factor to drive the team to produce desired results and targets,  and  function in a goal - oriented manner based on business requirements.                                                                                         

- The key responsibilities for this role would include, creating performance oriented culture whilst recognizing and rewarding good performances, metrics management, and overall well being.                                                                                         

- Discover shortcomings in the process/team/tools used and work for its resolution along with other stakeholders.                                    

5) Host one-to-one meetings as required.                                                                                         

6) Suggest changes and improvements to management based on feedback from the team members.           

7)Keep the team motivated and involved.
8) Create a performance oriented culture
9) Suggest team building activities. Recognise and reward good performances.
10) Escalate any appropriate problem to senior management.


Required skills

- Time management skills
 - Team management
 - Understanding of numbers
 - Observant, Energetic and a motivating individual
 - Communication skills.



Individuals with 1-2+ yrs of experience as team leader in the sales /debt collections industry.