Senior Backend Developer at Simpl
Bangalore, IN / Karnataka, IN

We’re looking for polyglot developers who love to code. You should have experience building high-quality products. You should have the ability to write clean code and must’ve worked on one of Ruby, NodeJS, Golang, Python or Java.



Develop new features - build POCs, get feedback, and scale is our default mode

Building reusable and platform specific components

Translating designs and wireframes into high-quality code

Optimizing services for maximum performance

Ensure faster release cycles by managing distribution over the cloud



Hands-on experience in all aspects of software development - analysis, coding, writing tests, deployment, the works.

Knowledge of relational databases, SQL, ACID and distributed locking

Solid OOPS understanding.

Good exposure to building distributed systems, micro-services architecture.

Continuous delivery experience

Exposure to building platforms (not just products) would be a plus