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Risk Strategy - Collections at Simpl
Bangalore, IN / Karnataka, IN

Simpl (Fintech of the year - 2020) is a platform that empowers retailers to grow, building long term trusted relationships with their customers, one transaction at a time. For consumers, Simpl offers frictionless access to e-commerce, trust, safety, and effortless budgeting, in 1-click. 

Under the hood, we are building the payments infrastructure (identity, trust score and security) ground up for a world that is mobile first, where consumers frequently buy on the go & love convenience. 

Everyone at Simpl is an internal entrepreneur who is given a lot of bandwidth and resources to create the next breakthrough, towards a new world of Networked Commerce where commerce is easy, safe, affordable without fine prints - just Simpl! 

Simpl was founded in 2015 by Nityanand Sharma and Chaitra Chidanand and went live in 2016



The candidate should have deep experience in building insights, problem solving and implementing best practices for collections risk and recovery processes* at large scale, to define strategy, and drive timeline, recovery and efficiency goals. (*short term micro/personal finance sectors. I.e. personal loans, credit cards, similar space) The candidate should be regarded as an expert (collections risk & recovery) with experience in planning and managing large portfolios:

 • Best practices - Implementation, design and improvement in context of business, product, market and consumer

 • Clear understanding of collection risk fundamentals that are key to scale, with track record of building-owning levers (data, models, automation) to track these fundamentals and realise efficiencies at scale

 • Defining input and output metrics, and targets for teams to enable execution rigour and measure outcomes from operations

 • Own dashboards and cadence with stakeholders to track KPIs, Metrics, key initiatives and projects

 KRA : Identify best practices and business fundamentals that are critical to run collections processes efficiently at scale, and implement them in the context of Simpl (BNPL online) 

KPIs : Cost of collections, Terminal Delinquency %, NPS (collections process)


1. Experience: Min 8-10 years 

2. Current Level: GM/ AVP (leading team for 3+ years; using insights for strategy and execution)

 3. Functional designation: collections analysis / collection strategy, risk analytics* 

4. Potential Sectors & Co's: Microcredit products (personal loans, credit cards) 

(*Risk analytics for the problems this role aims to solve )