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Principal Engineer at Simpl
Bangalore, IN / Karnataka, IN

The thrill of working at a start-up that is starting to scale massively is something else. Simpl ( was formed in 2015 by Nitya Sharma, an investment banker from Wall Street and Chaitra Chidanand, a tech executive from the Valley, when they teamed up with a very clear mission - to make money simple, so that people can live well and do amazing things. Simpl is the payment platform for the mobile-first world, and we’re backed by some of the best names in fintech globally (folks who have invested in Visa, Square and Transferwise), and has Joe Saunders, Ex Chairman and CEO of Visa as a board member. 

Everyone at Simpl is an internal entrepreneur who is given a lot of bandwidth and resources to create the next breakthrough towards the long term vision of “making money Simpl”. Our first product is a payment platform that lets people buy instantly, anywhere online, and pay later. In the background, Simpl uses big data for credit underwriting, risk and fraud modelling, all without any paperwork, and enables Banks and Non-Bank Financial Companies to access a whole new consumer market. 

Areas of work 

Principals are involved in Architecture Direction and Alignment 

  1.  Tracking and directing how the overall system architecture evolves. 
  2.  Developing and identifying useful architecture patterns within our systems based on industry know-how and our own operational and development experience. 
  3.  Develop and manage an architecture decisions guidelines framework that will be useful to make consistent, faster and reliable architecture and design decisions. 
  4.  Documenting or making this information available to all engineers - new or old 
  5.  Create mechanisms to audit and ensure architectural compliance across engineering teams

Internal Developer Community and Tech growth for teams 

Create and nurture tech communities so that developers can 

  •  gain more knowledge about the industry practices
  •  learn to express their knowledge, opinions and views


Monitor and improve the quality of our systems by helping with 

  1.  Bug reduction 
  2.  MTTR reduction 
  3.  Ensuring better engineering practices around testing, tooling, monitoring and resilience. 

Cost - Infra and application costs

Ensuring systems are run and maintained with frugality in mind without compromising on business and operational expectations. 


Help hire and mentor engineers at Simpl. 

Partners at Work

 Principals partner with team leads, product managers, infosec engineers and devops engineers, ensuring alignment in vision and execution, splitting time between different domains as they see fit. 

Minimum Qualifications

  •  At least 8 years of software development experience 
  •  Experience with technically leading projects and architecting high traffic consumer-facing applications. 
  •  A background in CS or relevant technical experience. 
  •  Familiarity with languages like Go, Java, Ruby and Python. 
  •  Familiarity with the AWS Stack.