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Software Engineer (Backend) at DataFox
San Francisco, CA, US
At DataFox, the backend team architects and steers our data infrastructure to scale with our product. Our goal is to further solidify DataFox as the leader in high-caliber company data generation and proprietary growth insights. We’re excited to seek out a backend software engineer who can take initiative and think creatively to solve complex data problems.
Our backend engineers work closely with data operations, data science engineers, and product management - we’re a highly collaborative group. We also complement the full-stack engineering team, as the backend team owns data and backend infrastructure that helps power our customer-facing components and features.  In-line with our values of ‘constant learning’, we’ll also make sure you have exposure to new technologies and technical skills on our team.
Ultimately, we’re an inclusive team of a dozen highly-collaborative, empathetic, and diverse engineers. We’re passionate about utilizing data to automate grunt-work, and value both hard work and humility. As a start-up, we know how to balance using existing approaches, with taking risks to find the right tools to solve problems.  We're a close-knit skulk (a group of foxes!) but we also have lives outside of work.  
You can read more about how our engineering team works and our top values here:

Here are some ways you'll make an impact:

    • You’ll design data models that will scale as we expand our dataset, currently encompassing over 2.5M companies.
    • You'll tackle difficult technical challenges such as high-volume crawling, machine learning, data matching, and deduplication.
    • You'll work closely with Product Managers and full-stack engineers engineers to develop APIs that support our many customer facing applications.
    • You'll handle Dev Ops. Here at DataFox, engineers deploy and maintain production code!
    • You'll learn new tools and languages on the job, such as NodeJS, Python, SpaCy, Solr, Airflow, Redis, and Ansible.

Are you our next Fox?

    • You've gained at least 2+ years work experience as a professional software engineer, and have contributed to concurrent, distributed web systems.
    • You write clean, modular code that is scalable and secure.
    • You have experience with a modern web stack (such as Rails, Django, MEAN, LAMP).
    • You are comfortable with at least one type of database (such as MySQL, PostGRES, MongoDB). You can write efficient database queries and optimize indexes.
    • You can translate initial requirements into technical details, and can collaborate effectively with other stakeholders to improve technical design.  

Bonus Fox Points:

    • You have DevOps experience.
    • You have worked with Node.js, MongoDB, or ML/NLP.
    • You have experience with building or using APIs.
    • You have experience on a modern frontend framework like Angular, Ember, or React.

Working at DataFox

    • We have a beautiful office in downtown San Francisco. Lunch is on us every day. We work with some of the brightest teammates and customers in the world, including hundreds of the top of finance and technology companies relying on our data for investment, sales, and marketing.
    • While everyone talks about artificial intelligence, at DataFox, you will gain constant exposure to actually legitimate production Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning that flows all the way through to our end users.
    • We care about building a team of high-performers, covering each other’s backs, constantly learning, and delighting our customers by solving hard problems.
    • Company insights abound here. If you are interested in businesses and their role in the economy, the world of private equity, or the future of data-driven sales, then you just might love DataFox. If you’re looking to not only see how a quickly growing technology company (DataFox) brings its services to market, but also to see how the rest of the business ecosystem works, then this is the opportunity for you.
DataFox is the real-time source of truth on over 2.5 million companies around the world. Sales, marketing, and finance professionals all rely on DataFox to understand their markets and prioritize which companies they should be targeting.
DataFox helps industry-leading businesses gain control of customer insights with CRM Orchestration. DataFox's machine learning and natural language processing algorithms structure data on millions of businesses and deliver reliable insights into the workflows where they're needed.
DataFox is backed by Goldman Sachs, Green Visor, Google Ventures, and Slack, and used by high-growth startups and Fortune 500 companies alike (e.g. UPS, Visa, Twilio, and InsightSquared). For more information, visit