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Software Engineer, Web Applications at FiscalNote
Washington, DC, US
About the Position
Willy Wonka said “We are the dreamers of dreams.” Well, FiscalNote front-end engineers are the architects that make our open data dreams come true. Wild ambition isn’t lacking at FiscalNote, and only the most talented can visualize open-data products that have never been built before. Our front-end engineers love what they do, and they are on a mission to continuously improve upon and build the most beautiful and useful user interfaces the open data world has ever seen.

About You
Creative. Ambitious. Communicative. Driven. You yearn to exercise your abilities in a greater capacity than on a tiny feature of a much larger product. Lending your talents across our entire stack, you not only love sharing your savvy with the team, but also crave the opportunity to absorb any and all knowledge from our hyper-collaborative environment. Your appreciation (bordering on obsession) for clean code and attention to detail have helped you shine brightly at previous positions. You’re tickled by the idea of implementing inventive uses of older technologies, but even more revved at the idea of leveraging the most modern front-end tools, frameworks, and languages. Most of all, though, you live to engineer creative interfaces that take the user experience to a whole new level.

You Have
• 2+ years of industry experience programming in JavaScript
• Expertise with HTML5 and CSS3
• Expertise with jQuery
• Knowledge of algorithms, data structures and Object Oriented programming
• Knowledge of and experience with JavaScript MV* frameworks. Ember.js is highly recommended.
• Undergraduate and/or graduate degree in engineering, computer science, or related technical field (Preferred)
• Proficient with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or related design software (Preferred)
• UI/UX design experience (Ideal)

About Engineering at FiscalNote
Our team has a wealth of diverse life and career experiences that allow us to think outside of the box and ahead of the curve. And we laugh – all the time. You'll get the opportunity to work at an institution pushing the boundaries of open data transparency, while collaborating with some of the industry’s brightest engineers and data scientists to devise, nurture, and implement cutting-edge solutions to continuously evolving engineering obstacles.

In becoming a FiscalNoter, you’ll enjoy a plethora of benefits that you would expect at both an established company and at a startup. More importantly, though, is the opportunity to develop software that impacts real decisions -- decisions that substantially affect governing in the US and abroad. You will hone your engineering skills among peers just as motivated and skilled as you are, and in the process, develop a tight-knit camaraderie that will transcend simple software development.