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UX Designer at DataFox
San Francisco, CA, US
Great design comes from great research. A successful UX designer at DataFox will lead clients, prospective customers, and our internal teams through a journey of human-centered research to discover, interpret, and communicate insights and opportunities. In addition to helping design experiences and workflows, you will be responsible for helping bring to life the voice of the people they’re designing for.

We have several exciting challenges for a new UX designer to take on. Here are a few examples: 1) Our current web application is serving multiple types of users. We're interested in figuring out the common workflows for each, and designing custom tailored experiences that will help them get the most out of our product with the least amount of effort. 2) Our machine learning efforts rely on training sets that are created by a group of dedicated human auditors. We're interested in finding ways to optimize their workflows to help validate the quality of our data. 3) Helping to run a series of workshops to help people in similar roles learn best practices from each other.

Successful candidates will have experience interviewing customers. They know that beauty and emotion matter as much as logic. They will ask probing questions to understand the underlying reasons for user behavior. And they will have a history of taking initiative to find creative solutions to difficult problems, knowing the difference between "good" and "great" work.

What does DataFox offer you?

DataFox is growing fast. We're fortunate to offer a necessary and relevant tool to sales, marketing, and investing teams. As a result, you'll have exposure and be involved in most aspects of the business.

We work hard, but also actively make an effort to support good work-life balance. We encourage everyone to bring their full selves to work, while respecting people's time away from the office. You can read more about our culture here.

As one of our early design hires, you will play an active role in helping to shape our design culture.
Relevant Experience

4+ years of qualitative research experience culminating in an ability to scope a research process, lead fieldwork, conduct in-context interviews and perform desk research. Experience in leading design research for digital products is a plus.
Strong sense of curiosity and a history of experimenting with new tools.
Exceptional storytelling ability and an ability to inspire teammates with user-driven rationale. Needs an ability to use data to support an action plan.
Ability to balance rigorous research and leaving room for intuition and inspiration, while collaborating with product managers, other designers, and engineers.
Ability to convey product ideas in wireframes and mock-ups, ideally with experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
Openness to constructive criticism and an active desire to learn from other disciplines.
What do we ask from you?

Resume / CVA link to a portfolio of projects that you've worked on. This might be a personal website, a profile on Dribbble, or a links to products you've been involved in building.
We'd also ask you to send us a short answer (300 words or less) to the following question: