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VP of People at FiscalNote
Washington, DC, US
FiscalNote is looking for an experienced and forward-looking VP of People to catapult FiscalNote into its next stage of growth. FiscalNoters are at the core of everything we accomplish -- there is no FiscalNote without the massive contributions of every employee past and present. FiscalNoters represent both the largest asset and largest expense on the literal and metaphorical balance sheet, and we need to ensure that we continue to hire and engage the best talent in order to satisfy our vision of unlocking the potential of data to solve the world's largest information problems.

You Have:
- Worked for 8+ years in human resources/people operations or other relevant function
- Assessed, developed, and implemented performance management and total rewards systems
- Overseen development and implementation of corporate frameworks for Learning & Development
- Overseen organizational processes and procedures that impact the day-to-day of employees’ lives at an organization
- Overseen development, implementation, and execution of recruiting and hiring systems
- Kept yourself abreast of modern trends in human resources/people operations, particularly with regard to theories of optimal organizational and total rewards design
- Made recommendations and decisions surrounding strategic people allocation
- Experience with company acquisitions and integrations (preferred)

You Are:
Thoughtful. Empathetic. Engaging. Supporting people and organizations in their quest for excellence gets you up in the morning. In your mind, fairness and equity are not just legal necessities, but moreso foundations for success of any systems or processes you deploy. You understand that building and managing a high-performing team takes diligence, consistency, and openness, and you never falter when making hard decisions. Both a steward of the people and the greater organization you represent, you believe that every decision you make is equally in the best interest of the whole of the employees and the corporation. Because people spend a majority of their lives working, you maintain an unrelenting drive to make sure employees are engaged and fulfilled with their time at work. You identify quantifiable metrics as a wonderful asset in supporting decisions and finding opportunity; however, you understand context also matters as part of the equation when dealing with people.

You Will:
- Oversee the recruiting lifecycle of sourcing, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding of FiscalNote talent
- Continue to develop the corporate framework for Learning & Development at FiscalNote
- Ensure People processes and procedures are not only up-to-date, relevant, and compliant, but also accelerate decision making and performance
- Strategically plan and evaluate organizational design for today and future growth
- Manage FiscalNote’s total rewards system (compensation, perks, etc.)
- Strive to ensure metrics are at the core of any people, systems, or process evaluation
- Ensure FiscalNote employees are engaged by identifying ways to solicit frequent and measurable feedback, as well as providing outlets for internal employee interaction (both formal and informal)
- Work closely with the heads of all departments in helping optimally support and manage their teams
- Participate as a member of the Executive Team and Executive Operations Team

About Us
FiscalNote is the leading Government Relations Management platform. Our mission is to build the world’s most powerful platform for analyzing government risk and opportunity. For organizations facing government impact, FiscalNote is the platform for professionals to plan and execute their organization’s government risk strategy. Organizations rely on FiscalNote because of its accurate and relevant information, cutting-edge analytics, and ease of use. Our fierce curiosity and insatiable urge for the next challenge pours into our company culture. FiscalNote earned the Top Workplace™ award for our ever growing and diverse company culture bolstered by our company values which are at the core of every decision we make. We are always looking for individuals who are excited and driven by opening data to help impact the world around them.