Green Visor Capital

Management Company, LLC

Senior Software Engineer, Web Applications at FiscalNote
Washington, DC, US
About the Position
As we continue to reinvent the future of law, You will be jumping headfirst into a team of passionate and motivated individuals. As a senior member on the engineering team, your role will challenge your skills as a leader as you assist in the development and mentoring of other team members. Beyond enhancing and pushing forward the capabilities of our client-facing application, you will be critical in guiding and developing the API that powers our client applications (web, mobile, and general API) as we move toward a polyglot micro-services oriented architecture.

You Are
Ambitious. Detail-oriented. Thoughtful. Although proud of how far you’ve come in honing your craft, you look forward to constantly growing in your technical abilities. Even more excited to share your skills and experiences, you thrive in collaborative environments in which the free flow of ideas serve as the catalyst for bold results. Feeding off of a highly competent engineering and product development culture, you yearn to contribute to the foundational growth of a company with unlimited growth and market capture potential.

You Have
- Demonstrated mastery of the following frameworks: Node.js & at least one of the following:Ember.js, React.js, Angular.js, or similar Javascript framework
- Demonstrated mastery in each of the following technologies: Javascript, HTML, CSS
- Working knowledge of Ruby on Rails
- Design acumen rivaling that of UI/UX designers
- 5+ years of experience in the software development industry (not necessarily with the technologies)
- Working knowledge of production environments (Unix, bash, nginx, etc.)
- Experience in each of the following: SQL, Elasticsearch, Redis
- Architecture and production environment decision-making experience (must have)
- Demonstrated experience building successful working relationships with Product + UI/UX teams (must have)
- Experience breaking down product specs into engineering components (must have)
- Led projects from inception to completion (must have)

About Engineering at FiscalNote
Our team has a wealth of diverse life and career experiences that allow us to think outside of the box and ahead of the curve. And we laugh – all the time. You'll get the opportunity to work at an institution pushing the boundaries of open data transparency, while collaborating with some of the industry’s brightest engineers and data scientists to devise, nurture, and implement cutting-edge solutions to continuously evolving engineering obstacles.